Personal sovereignty. Empowered Thought. Balanced Emotions. Focused Action.

What would you do if you could live at full capacity?


Have you felt different about the world and your life lately? Are you starting to question what the “mainstream” is telling you? Are you wondering how the global #TheGreatAwakening fits within your own life? You may be going through an “Awakening.” Get clarity and learn more here!


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Our mission is to help you unlock your full potential.

The awakening is happening. The best thing YOU can do in these transformatonal times is to stay informed, aware, centered, and balanced within yourself in order to help others along the way. Q101 was created as an informational and support platform to help you navigate the turbulent waters of our changing world. You can stay healthy, sane and even stress free in the middle of all this. And you can even be a  beacon of Light for others.! Together we can get through this…and come out to greet a world that will be better because we are truly alive within it!

If you have you been feeling like...

Something truly monumental is happening in the world...

There has to be more to the story than what they report on TV...

You aren't sure where to turn for answers...

You are confused but know the answers are out there...

You know there is a better way to live...

You want to be a part of making the world a better place, but you don't where to begin...

Then Q101 is for you!

Q101 Video Series

Short videos using Q Posts as a launching pad for exploring deeper issues. 


Written blogs and videos designed to educate, enlighten, empower, and inspire.

Great Awakening Mentoring

Receive one-on-one support from one who understands what you’re going through. 

Resources & Tools

Links to alternative media sources that have integrity, resources for doing your own research, connections for on-going personal support, tools for self-care and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about what this site is all about? Here are some FAQs that may shed some light.

What is Q101?

Q101 is a website dedicated to your journey of discovery. It is the home of the Q101 video series and provides in-depth resources and opportunities for one-on-one exploration with a seasoned “awareness” coach as well. Each video in the Q101 series—featured on YouTube, BitChute and this site—takes a direct question or comment from a Q Post and uses it as a springboard to discuss larger issues that may affect your life and your experiences in your family, amongst your friends, in your community and in relation to your country and the planet as a whole. Very often in our lives, we aren’t given the opportunity to contemplate the “big questions” in life. Q has given us a platform in which to do that. Q101 is a safe place to take those uestions to the next level in understanding how they effect you in your life today.

QANON101 is about personal empowerment too. We know, that is a phrase that gets used (and misused) a lot. We feel strongly, however, that a group, organization, community and even nation cannot run smoothly unless it has the input from the informed individuals who are a part of it. Personal empowerment assumes that you have within you a sense of freedom and choice about your life, first and foremost. You are not a slave to your circumstances or to outside influences because with empowerment comes the ability to think logically as well as creatively/intuitively.

When you are empowered, you know you can rely on the skills you have developed and the knowledge you have gained to navigate your life. You know that you always have the freedom of choice, no matter what your circumstances. Empowered by the knowledge of the true nature of reality here on 3D planet earth, you have a strong sense of confidence. This confidence comes not from hubris nor ego but from a deep knowledge of who you are as a sovereign being and of your connection to the Divine (also called God, the Creator, the Light, Love, etc.).

We hope that through simple, short videos that both inform and inspire, we can be a guide for you to experience your own sense of personal empowerment and creative potential.

Remember, you have to know what the matrix is before you can step out of it! You are not alone in this journey. Nikki and the others on the QANON101 team, as well as millions of other brave individuals across the globe, are with you all the way!

Who is Q?

Q, or “Qanon” is an anonymous writer who began posting on a site called 4Chan (and then eventually 8Chan and now 8Kun) on October 2017. More than likely, “Q” is a group of individuals, some military and some civilian (often called “White Hats” or “Patriots”). 

One of the main objectives of the “Q Team” is to inform the general public of the play-by-play of a covert intelligence war that is occurring now in the United States and globally. It is also to educate the people as to certain corrupt individuals and agendas within our financial, economic, social, cultural, media and religious structures and how these negative influences are now being disassembled on various fronts. Most importantly, Q acts as a “call to action” for citizen journalists, called “anons,” to do the research, record and write the stories and disseminate the informaton needed for informed citizens around the world to navigate our changing world. Q is now a global movement with millions of anons and supporters worldwide. Q supporters are very diverse, but all of these individuals have one thing in common. They all believe in truth, sovereignty and the collective power of people who believe in freedom and the power of true community. 

Over two years , the Q team has written thousands of posts. For more information, click HERE.

Why Should I Care?

The choice to care or not to care about the perspective that Q puts forth is up to you. It is not the purpose of this site nor the Q101 video series (nor the Q team for that matter) to convince you of anything—you get enough of that already from mainstream media, social media, television and movies. What Q and this site can do is present you information that can give you a different perspective on reality, help you to broaden your perspective about your personal and social place in the world, and provide you with some support so that you can make your own decisions. 

Here are some reasons why millions around the country and the world have decided to “turn off” mainstream media and “tune in” to Q posts and other legitimate alternative media sources to stay informed about their world:

-it helps them to make sense of their own “gut feeling” that there is more to the stories that are being portrayed on mainstream news media and what they see on television and Hollywood movie;

-it helps to put these feelings and tidbits of alternative information they may have learned along the way within a greater social, economic, cultural, religious as well as personal context;

-it helps them connect with others of like mind online and in person;

-it gives them feelings of hope and empowerment for the future;

-it helps them to envision how they personally can make a difference in creating a better world going forward.

To check out an updated list of diverse true alternative media sources on the internet and elsewhere, click HERE.


I don’t like politics. Would this site be helpful to me too?

You may still find the information at Q101 enlightening even if you don’t consider yourself “political” or if you don’t like politics.

This is because what is occuring in the world right now affects us all, and the intensity is not going away any time soon. The content that we will be discussing on this site and on the Q101 series has to do with current events but it also has to do with deeper topics such as:

-How can I take care of myself and be a responsible person (parent, son, daughter, worker, auntie, uncle, etc.) while at the same time navigate this changing world? i

-What does it mean to be a balanced, empowered and aware individual?

-How can I personally disconnect from the programming put forth by the mainstream media and other sources in a healthy, responsible way?

-When/If the negative influences are gone amongst the various institutions that have become corrupted by them, what then?

-How does exploring these topics affect my relationships with my friends and family and my relationship to my community?

-What does it mean to be a citizen in a constitutional republic?

-Where do my own personal spiritual beliefs (or non-belief) fit in to all of this?

-What is my true capacity for healing my body, mind and emotions during this time?

-How can I use my own unique skills and talents to help others in light of all this?

As you can see, these are questions that affect everyone on the planet, no matter where you are on the political spectrum. More than likely, at least one resonates with you personally as well. The questions raised by the Q team that we will be discussing especially affect you no matter where you live on the planet. 

The word “politics” has turned into a dirty word over the past decades because of the “dirty” players who have run the political and economic show for a long time. All that is changing now. A very basic definition of “politics” is “the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area.” In a constitutional republic, these activities require the input of all citizens.


I need more help to understand all of this! Can we just talk?


Great Awakening Mentors “gets it” because, in their own way, they have each gone through what you are going through now. What’s more, they have come out the other side of the confusion, grief, anger and sadness to the realization that, as the sayig goes, the Truth really does set you free! 

Most importantly, Great Awakening Mentors are available to support you so you don’t have to go it alone. They won’t have all the answers for you, but they can help you come to your own conclusions and find balance, peace and strength along the way. 

To learn more, click HERE.



Q101 is dedicated to supporting you on your journey of awakening through the process of self-inquiry.

It is also the home of the Q101 Video Series, which uses questions and commentaries from Q posts as starters for deeper investigations into the nature of reality and our position within our communities, our nation and our world. It provides in-depth resources that can be launching pads for your own research and discovery.



Waking up to what is really going on in the world today is not easy. Sometimes a gentle guide and a listening ear can really help.


Q101 videos use Q posts as a point of inquiry for awareness about current events, civic learning and personal empowerment and sovereignty.


Written blogs and video links about this amazing time we are living in and how it pertains to our personal lives. 

“Waking up” requires bravery…

But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

As the structures of the old gaurd crumble all around us, it is time for YOU to live your best life possible. Are you ready to start your journey?

We are born with inquisitive minds, but along the way most of us lost that connection. What would you do if you could live a fully engaged life? Where would you go? Who would you be able to help?

Sometimes in our journey of awakening, we could use a little help. No one has to do go it alone. If you would like some guidance along the way or just a listening ear, the Great Awakening Mentors can help.