Not sure how you are going to get through April 2020 with self-isolation, social distancing, store closures, layoffs, and different versions of what is going on in full swing?

Take heart.You got this!

In fact, you can even turn this time into an opportunity to get clarity, to rest (how long has it been since the whole world got to do that?), refocus and replenish your energy.

Trust me…your gonna need it cuz this decade is shaping up to be an amazing 10 Years of Change and (dare I say) transformation as well. 

In a nutshell, the three tips talked about in this video are: 

1.) seek out non-sensationalized sources of news (check out for tips)

2.) Stay out of the fear response (it hurts your immune system!)

3.) Use this time wisely to rest, reflect and re-charge. This is a reset time like no other! (Consider: What is Really Important to You?)

Links mentioned in this video:

Gov Hub Info re 2020 Covid 19 Stimulus Package

x22 2139b Report April 3, 2020

The White House YouTube Channel

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