“The enormity of the what is coming will shock the world.”  – Q  3728

What is Q101?

Q101 is dedicated to your journey of awakening. We use specific Q posts and general concepts and information that Q puts out as a basis for informational personally-empowering videos, blog posts and one on one email and phone mentoring. Our service is focused on helping you navigate our massively changing world, process the information that you may be learning and gently guide you to come out the other end with more confidence and more of a sense of purpose than ever before. We don’t provide answers. We simply help you on your journey to ask the right questions so that you can come to your own conclusions and have a sense of peace about what feels right for you. 

The truth really can be a vehicle for personal and collective freedom, as the saying goes. We truly believe this at Q101.  

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If you have a feeling that…

There is something just a little “off” about the world these days...

Something is strange in the way that Hollywood movies, social media and the local news are “spinning” current events...

You would like to learn more about what is REALLY going on...

… then Q101 is for you.

Are you ready for “The Great Awakening?”

Through simple, no frills videos and blog posts aimed at looking at Q posts and current events through a personal-empowerment lense, resources you can access here on this site and one-on-on email and phone mentoring, we are committed to being a gentle guide through your process of awakening. 

Each video is inspired by an actual verbatim question posed by Q, or an off-shoot topic inspired by a Q question. 

Q101 also offers phone-based mentoring via Patreon to help you navigate these changing times. 

In order to step into your own truth it is important to know at least the basics about the truths of the world around you…and how it is changing for the better. Always remember, you are more powerful than you can ever imagine!


What would you do if you could live at full capacity?

Do You Want to Help?

Have you had your own Great Awakening experience? Have you come out the other end with insight, empowerment, confidence and an outlook at life that is for the better? Do you want to lend a listening ear and a gentle guide to someone who may be going through their own Great Awakening right now?

If so, CONTACT US and tell us why you think you would be a good candidate for Great Awakening mentoring. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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