“You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the Old Guard.”
– Q 1609

Who is Q?

While nobody knows who Q is exactly, there is a general consensus among most anons (i.e. Q researchers) that Q actually consists of a small team of less than a dozen individuals, at least some of who are close to President Trump on a daily basis. There is a good chance that the group consists of mostly military personnel (at least some with intelligence background) and a few who are civilians or “others.”

Q also stands for “Q Clearance,” which is the highest clearance given to a government employee through the Department of Energy. It is above “Top Secret” clearance and allows an indiviual access to very sensitive information and technology. This is relevant because it provides a further clue as to who Q Team members may be.

Some insiders have put forth other ideas as to who could be on the “Q Team” as well. 

There is also a broad consensus that the entity known as Q+, who occasionally makes posts, is Trump himself

Finally, Q stands for “Question”! This is important since Q often presents information in the form of a question, which encourages individuals to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions. It is important that we as a people re-learn how to properly use both our minds and our intiuitive sense in order to be a beneficial part of our families, our communities, our nation, our world and our cosmos. Rediscovering balance between mind, intuition and heart also helps us be our best, healthiest and most vibrant selves as well!

Some have pointed out that Q’s style of distributing information through questions uses the age-old Socratic Method. 

Finally, it should be noted that Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet. Why is this important? Besides the fact that the number 17 carries a significance esoterically and in numerology and gemantria, many people (including famous individuals and even POTUS himself) have potentially signalled through the years that they support for Q or have referenced Q posts by mentioning this number.

What About What the Mainstream Media Says About Q? 

Amongst those who read and follow Q, there is a general consensus that the mainstream medias’ (MSM) reports about who and what Q is thus far are not only inaccurate, they are blatantly misleading. Furthermore, many believe that the disinformation put forth by the MSM is designed to lessen the impact of the growing Q movement and to stop the operation that Q is a part of in general. This makes sense if you believe there actually is a silent war going on betweeen the “white hats” or the “patriots” and the “cabal” (also known as the “black hats” or the “deep state”).  The current MSM companies as well as key figures are part of this deep state. They serve as the “propoganda arm” of this group which  are determined to stay in power as long as possible.

The reality is that there are now millions of individuals worldwide who follow and support Q and who participate in their own uique way in The Great Awakening in their respective countries. Many of these individuals continue to ask the question that Q has asked in many posts as well: If all that Q is putting out, and Q itself, is a LARP (Live Action Role Play, basically a fake), then why does the MSM spend so much time discrediting it? In addition, why doesn’t someone in the MSM simply “Ask the Q” to POTUS (ie Trump) about who and what Q is? To date, not a single MSM news reporter has asked this question directly to the President of the United States.

What is the Purpose of the Q Posts? 

The purpose of the Q team’s information is to make the general public aware of how our world has operated for a long time without the majority of us even knowing it. This includes: who has controlled what for a long time, what the overall mindset, world view and religious beliefs are of the people who have been in power, treasonous activity on the part of certain individuals, money laundering, human trafficking, censorship, and mind control through propaganda put forth by certain institutions, organizations and groups (especially the mainstream media with the help with the CIA) and other nefarious things that those who have “run the show” have been doing to keep their control going for a very long time.

 The Q posts also llet people know about the current operation, conducted largely in secret, that is underway to put a stop to all this slave state madness and put into place economic, military, government and social service structures that work with and for the people, not just an elite few.  This operations is happening now and is being conducted in large part by the U.S. military but also in cooperation of leaders throughout the world.

Throughout the over 4,000 posts that the Q Team has made so far, they have also dropped information designed to re-educate us on how a constitutional republic works. This is the form of government we actually have and that the Founding Fathers created. A constitutional republic relies on key documents, especially the constitution, as important guides for self-governance by and for the people. The United States of America is the only country that is designed to operate in such a way. A constitutional republic relies on the active participation of thoughtful, educated, passionate and compassionate citizens, however. Over the last 60 years or so, the public educational system has not taught us about this. This was on purpose. Part of what Q is all about is helping us to re-educate ourselves on the constitution, constitutional republicanism and how to discern as well as discuss so that we can once again be active citizens in our republic! 

The Great Awakening is not all about doom and gloom. Yes, learning about the truth can be tough. But there is a reason why, through Q and in other ways, we are all learning about all of this now! The reason is because now things are changing and we have a chance to restore our constitutional republic and become a country “by the people and for the people” again. We have a chance to live in a world where individual and national sovereignty as well as global and cosmic unity can be experienced and celebrated!

To sum up  who and what Q is, here is a quote from Praying Medic, one of the most well-known “anons,” or Q researchers out there. The quote is from a description of his latest book, Calm before the Storm (Q Chronicles). I highly recommend checking this book as well as his YouTube channel out if you are interested in learning more about Q in a direct, no-frills ways.   

“Are we living under a two-tiered system of justice?

Why do the wealthy and powerful escape prosecution for their crimes?

Using wit, wisdom, and gravity, an unknown intelligence insider known as “Q” has been communicating with anonymous citizens on message boards since 2017.

Q says corruption is worse than we know. It has invaded the corporate world, the media, academia, Hollywood, the church and other parts of society. It is the cause of war, poverty and countless problems that rob us of our potential.

Q’s mission is to bring about the “Great Awakening”— a coming era when we’ll unplug from the media programming that has indoctrinated us and awaken to the truth.

The truth is: corruption is deeply entrenched in our society. But the two-tiered system of justice that has enabled it is being dismantled and replaced.

A storm is coming that will sweep criminal power brokers into the dustbin of history.

Get your popcorn ready. The show is about to begin, and you have a front-row seat.”


Q, or QANON, began posting information on an internet site called 4Chan in October 2017. After a few months, Q then began posting on dedicated “boards” on a similar site called 8Chan, where Q last posted through the end of 2019. Q now posts on a channel called 8Kun, through an IP address that is connected to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Many people access Q posts through websites devoted to gathering them in real time and announcing them through a dedicated phone app.  These services can be helpful since manuveuring 8KUN to read Q posts can be cumbersome and confusing to somehow who is not familiar with the environment. Two of the most popular resources for up to date Q posts and for reserarch into back posts are  QMAP.pub and Qalerts.app

Both of these sites also have corresponding phone apps for android and iPhone.


Why do people believe Q is legit?

What makes the information QANON has provided so legitimate are what researchers call “Q proofs.” Q has often made “predictions” that certain events will happen in the future (“future proves past”) and then a lot of the time, they actually do! Other times, confirmation is made in a subtle way by the president himself or in other ways. 

Over the years, various individuals who claim to be “government insiders” have posted on anonymous sites like 8chan over the years, but they often do not stay visible for very long, or they turn out to be fake. Q, on the other hand, remains consistent. The Q Team has completed thousands of posts to date over the last almost two years. They continue to post photos, “Q proofs,” and other interesting and detailed information that would be very difficult to obtain (and verify) unless the group continued to have access to sensitive information on an ongoing basis.

Should you believe EVERYTHING Q says?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! While most experts would say that the Q team in general is legit, their timetables and predictions have not always been spot-on. In addition, Q sometimes purposely posts FALSE INFORMATION as well. 

Why would they do that? In short, because one can assume that it is not just researchers and regular citizens who read their posts. Many have said that there is actually a “war” going on on our planet right now. Only this war is not being fought out in the open. It is an “intelligence” war between different factions of certain intelligence agencies the world over, as well as other folks. The two sides to this war are often called the “White Hats” or the “Patriots” and the “Cabal” or the “Deep State.”  If this war was really going on, wouldn’t it make sense that “the other side” would be reading Q posts to gather information too? 

Welcome to Q, to the “biggest intelligence dump in American history.” We truly are living in historic times!

So what do you do with all that Q info?

What I would suggest you do is what Q suggests: take the question or the kernel of information Q presents, and then do your own research so you can come to your own conclusion.

Use the Q101 Videos and information put out by others as a guide and find other sources that you trust as well. Take in as much info from different angles as you can realistically handle, then use logic and intuition. Weigh the facts and the opinions, use a little bit of what we could call your “gut feeling,” analyze what you are feeling (fear, excitement, inner knowing) and how that may play a part…and then come up with your own conclusions. Finally, after all the mental dusk has settled, I would do the most important part. Take some time to reflect on how the new information you just discovered may affect you in your own life. 

At first, doing all this may lead to more confusion. And some questions might not ever have concrete answers. But you know what? That is okay. Because in the long run, it is the act of questioning that will help expand our awareness and help us to be the amazing, sovereign human beings that we really are! 

Most importantly, asking questions will eventually also help us to understand others better and make connections. Asking questions helps us to be better listeners as well and to fully participate in a helpful way with our families, in our communities, in our particular nations, with the natural world and on our planet as a whole!

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