“The truth is learned. It’s never told.”  -IntheMatrixxx

Maybe you want to research on your own…

But you aren’t sure where to get your news now that you know that the MSM is pretty much all Fake News. Maybe you want to do your own “digging” but you are not sure where or how to begin.. 

Have no fear! You can be more informed than ever before–if you know where to look.  

If you want to bypass everything and jump right in to what is going on RIGHT NOW, check these individual videos out: 

Out of Shadows movie (Premiered April 10 2020)

David Rodriguez  Interview with IntheMatrixxx (and his Twitter Testimony at the end)  (April 22, 2020) 

Dr. Rashid Buttar interview with Next News Network (April 16, 2020) 

If you want to take your time a little bit and do your own digging, below are our Top Recommended Resources for real news happening now and for fresh and insightful non-mainstream perspectives on current events, history and other issues, loosely categorized by topic. Be sure to scroll down past the Top Twelve for more links based on subject as well as some HELPFUL TOOLS to employ for staying safe and healthy while you search. 

And here is a tip as you get started:

What you see here is only a small sampling of some of the sources we regard as legitimate, responsible, truthful and based on integrity. That being said, it is truly impossible for a single person to get to it all since there is SO MUCH OUT THERE right now. We suggest that you take your time to “sample” a few of the resources listed below, or others you have discovered along the way, and then narrow in on 3-4 sources that resonate with you as your tried and true sources. On those days that you can only spend a few minutes on getting informed, chose the one that gives you the most concise “download” of the subjects you want to know about. On days where you have a few more minutes to spare, branch out and check out some of the others on your list or use this page as a guide. 

Note About the Resources Presented on This Page: This is YOUR journey! You get to design it the way you want it! HTo that end, the resources presented below will differ greatly in their perspective, tone, and energy. Some talk about current events in the context of Q posts, others may not address this aspect of things at all (or may not even be aware of who Q is). What they have in common is that they all address what is occuring on the planet right now in a way that goes beyond the mainstream rhetoric to honor the precious and special time period we are in. Whether it is a fresh new perspective on curret events you are seeking or simply some spiritual insight to help get clarity for your own life in light of all the changes, we feel that there is something for you in the resources below. Enjoy and happy researching! 

Helpful tips and tricks:

Easy does it.

To avoid overwhelm and eye strain, we suggest you choose one source a day (or one a week, etc.) and see if it resonates with you. Once you have “tasted” all of these channels, circle back around and dive in to the one or two that you like the most. Carve out a certain amount of time each day or every other day devoted to getting your news (listening while you drive, reading on your lunch break, etc.), then dig in! 

Create space for integration.

Also be sure to set aside five to ten minutes for personal reflection as well.  Don’t let “information overload” consume you. Keep in bite sized, at least at first, and it will stay fresh and relevant in your mind and in your life. This is your journey. You get to go at your own pace. If you do so, you will stay healthy and upbeat in the process!

Practice self-care in all areas.

Taking time to stretch, smell the trees and the flowers (ie get outside) and BREATHE will help you not only retain more information but also be able to incorporate its relevance to your own life better.

Top Recommended Resources.

#1) X22 Report / X22 Spotlight

Two reports daily on x22 YouTube channel and website—economic and political/geopolitical. Spotlights feature interviews with economic experts and others. The political/geopolitical (b) report is a great one to tune in to daily because it is short and it touches on the main current events happening now. X22 is my personal go-to on those days when I don’t have a lot of time but I still want to keep up with what is going on in the world.

#2) Praying Medic

One of the best Q researchers on the net. He also does current events analysis. Dave, aka Praying Medic, is level-headed, honest and insightful. He also has a Spiritual Sunday show on the same channel and has published many fiction and non-fiction books on various spiritual and current event topics, including novels. He is currently working on a series of books about QANON. He comes from a Christian perspective but is non-preachy and low-key in his presentations.

#3) InTheMattrixx Grooove Hour (M-F)

A lively (and often funny, believe it or not) hour-long daily show that is sometimes aired LIVE at 3pm eastern time. InTheMattrixxx and Shady Groove co-host, with guests appearing a few times a week. Deep dives and current events as well as interesting perspectives about history and Q posts. Q Lounge on Friday evenings a well, featuring special guests.

#4) Corey’s Digs

Corey’s Digs website is THE PLACE to for “deep dives” into the hard-core issues: human trafficking, Epstein, the Clintons, etc. Her “file drawer” on her website contains dozens of links to databases and other search engines that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Her weekly podcast is a short, refreshing recap of the week’s news, also featuring The Speaker and The Edge.

#5) Divine Cosmos (David Wilcock) 

Untill recently, David Wilcock has been relatively silent about what has been happening in the world, minus a few DETAILED REPORTS over the last couple of years posted on his site and the occasional appearance a conference here and there. That has all changed now with a series of videos he began putting out in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Below is a link to a 5-hour online course he presented on YouTube recently (with slides and all!) where he really breaks down everythig (and we mean everything) leading up to the currrent situation as of late MArch 2020. If you are just starting out on your journey with the Great Awakening and want a comprehensive download of sorts, this is worth a watch. We know…its long. But worth the deep dive! PS be sure to watch the last half hour where he guides listeners through a beautiful and positive guided meditation designed to relax our own fears as well as send Light for positive change out to the world. It’s powerful! 



    #6) The Epoch Times

    I have to admit, I didn’t really “read the paper” for, like, the last twenty years. However, I took Epoch Times up on their offer for free stuff and now I kind of delight in holding that actual newspaper that has REAL REPORTING featured on its pages. Yes, there is a bias towards “traditional values” in this newspaper (that they say up front). However, what I like about the Epoch Times is that the journalists there write in a way that makes you feel like an actual adult reading a newspaper, not a 7th grader.

    And even if some stories show a perspective that is different than the MSM, that is the whole point isn’t it? They aren’t afraid to present the both sides as long as what is said is based on facts and real verifiable statements, not heresy.

    And that, my friends, is what journalism really needs to be all about.

    #7) Redpill 78

    One of the most listened to news shows on the internet. Straight forward, honest, thorough, Q pill analysis, current events and great interviews too. (And sometimes he has great give-aways!). Special discounts and programs for members. 

    #8) Jordan Sather / Destroying the Illusion

    Jordan Sather (Destroying the Illusion) is quite young but is very knowledgeable about all things Q. His interests also center around natural health and pharmaceutical scandals and the secret space program/ hidden technologies. His voice is unique in the world of alternative analysis and his vids are always very informative, especially regarding issues that don’t get a lot of airplay on the other channels.

    #9) Edge of Wonder

    “Ben and Rob” are totally unique out there in the Q analysis and alternative media world. It is hard to put what they do into words. Funny, down to earth, non-judgmental (for the most part), spiritually attuned, talented media professionals. They report on everything from Pedowood and Q to the extra-terrestrial presence and MK Ultra. You just have to check it out for yourself. More than likely, you won’t be able to watch just one episode of “Edge of Wonder.” They do LIVE YouTube shows and also have premium content on their website for a small monthly fee. Watch, enjoy and, most of all, learn!

    #10) Citizens Investigative Report

    Katy G of CIR is a breath of fresh air in the middle of the male-dominated Q research arena. She is smart, insightful and happily low-key. Don’t let her giggly laugh fool you, however. She knows her stuff and has been at it interpreting Q posts and current events around the deep state since the beginning. Her podcasts come out every few days and are usually fairly comprehensive. When I listen to Katy G, I feel like I am sitting at her kitchen table drinking coffee listening to this gal lay down some real new and analysis. Great resource! And don’t disregard her Twitter threads. Some of them are golden.

    #11)Serial Brain

    Serial Brain takes Q posts, Trump tweets, and other Patriot communications and correspondence and filters them through the ancient Hebrew numerology system called Gematria. What’s even crazier are the correlations that he makes. While experts have mixed feelings about the validity of Serial Brain’s material, you have to admit it is an interesting approach and proofs abound that he knows what he is talking about. Serial Brain’s decodes of Q posts, POTUS tweets and other material focuses on the current operation as well as symbolgy, history and “religious” practices. 

    There are a few channels that present videos and blogs which present Serial Brain material. The one who is doing current posts the most is LT/ Dark to Light. For SB posts and analysis up to 2019, check out the channel And We Know as well. Both of these channels are run by individuals who really know how to do a video, so if you enjoy stunning visuals, intense music and all that, you will appreciate their work. 

    LT Dark to Light

    And We Know

    #12) IPOT (In Pursuit of Truth)

    N IPOT has some deep dives, some current event stuff that no one else has and, best of all, a quirky personality that makes this show actually kind of funny and fun (believe it or not). If you can handle the occasional rant and sudden scream (its rare but it happens) you’ll love this show and its culture. The dog videos and the music are awesome as well! 

    #13) POTUS (Pres. Donald Trump)

    Whether you can’t stand him, you love him or you are indifferent, there is no denying the direct connection between the Q / Q+ material and the current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. If you want to know more about what is going on in the world, TURN OFF THE MSM and read #45’s tweets, listen to his press briefings directly (via The White House channel on YouTube) and pay attention to what he says at his famous rallies and other events. There have been hundreds of “Q Proofs” that have occurred since 2017, and many of them have had to do with certain things that Trump did or did not say or write in these venues (as well as the timing of his tweets in relation to Q/Q+ posts). Expert anons repeat that Trump never says or does ANYTHING that doesn’t have some significance, no matter how brash or “out there” his comments may appear.

    This may seem hard to wrap your head around at first, but stick around. Listen to what he has to say (and his “comms”), along with reading and studying the Q posts that are occuring at the same time (as well as Tweets from other players), and then make up your own mind. After a while, it may be hard to deny that the”silent war” is a coordinated effort that POTUS, is intricately a part of as well.  

    More resources to aid in your research.

     The websites that follow below also offer solid alternative perspectives. Most can be found on YouTube and Twitter, and some just on Twitter as indicated. Be sure to use an alternative search engine such as DuckDuckGo when searching for these online if they do not come up on Google. 

    Additional resources worth reviewing.

    News and Analysis (Q Analysis, Current Events, etc)

    Health/Medical & Body Sovereignty 

    Weather / Geoengineering / Space Weather

    • Suspicious Observers
    • Mike Morales

    Human Trafficking/ Hollywood/ Cabal”Religion” & Worldview

    • Liz Crokin
    • Tiffany Fitzhenry
    • Do it Q news
    • McAllister TV   
    • Jennifer Mac
    • reallygraceful
    • Juan O Saven (Interviews on Jennifer Mac and McAllister TV amongst others)
    • LT Dark to Light

    Secret Space Program / Hidden Tech/UFO

    • Sphere Being Alliance 
    • David Wilcock (Divine Cosmos)
    • Secure Team 10 
    • Exonews 
    • Michael Salla
    • Third Phase of the Moon


    • Laura Eisenhower 
    • Spiritual Awakening 
    • 144k Activation 
    • AA Michael David
    • Daniel Scranton 
    • The Event is Happening
    • Elizabeth Wilcock
    • Collective Evolution
    • Stewart Swerdlow 
    • Allison Coe   
    • Lisa Rene
    • Eckhart Tolle
    • Journey to Truth Podcast

    Academic Institutions

    • Qniversity
    • Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

    Political Parties/Great Awakening Candidates

    • Walk Away Campaign 

    Great Awakening LGBT

    •  Autumn Asphodel

    International Perspective

    • The Speaker (Australia and International)
    • John Mappin (Camelot Castle, UK) 
    • Jarmo Ekman (Finland)

    Q Post Databases and Searchables

    • 8Kun
    • Q-map phone app 
    • Q-alerts phone app

    Tools to help you help yourself.

    What follows is an on-going list of tools for researching and “digging” on your own, for being safe and protected on the internet while you search and for taking care of yourself as you do it! 

    Balance, safety and efficiency are key when going down the rabbit hole. Taking time to stretch, smell the trees and the flowers (ie get outside) and BREATHE will help you not only retain more information but also be able to incorporate its relevance to your own life better. Basically, when you aren’t tired, stressed out and depressed, you are smarter and can see that light at the end of the tunnel!

    Tools to help you stay protected on the Internet.

    Virtual Shield VPN Service

    Routing your connection through a random VPN just makes sense when you are researching sensitive data.


    Search engine to replace CHROME, INTERNET EXPLORER, etc. I personally have found that I get better search results for natural health topics when using Brave.


    Ditto the above. Use Brave and DuckDuckGo together for optimum (and discreet) searches.

    Tools to help your research.


    Most breaking news that MSM doesn’t tell you about (or tells it to you wrong) breaks HERE first! There is still a lot of censorship on this format, but it is the go-to at the moment for the true alternative press.

    This is the place to go to find out and outdated websites, links and pages. It is also where 8chan is now housed until another home is found. 


    This takes Twitter threads and groups them into a single doc. Good to use and also good to research on and read through since a lot of great digs have been done via twitter threads.

    Cory’s Digs File Drawer and “For Diggers”

    Featured on the top twelve. You gotta go there and check it out. Odds are if you can’t find it here, its not a good source or database to mess with.

    Tools to stay healthy while “digging”.

    Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

    Try this instead of Starbucks! Get a little boost and some brain juice as well. Try Lion’s Mane, it will keep you sharp and focused all day! We recommend medicinal mushrooms in general for immunity, brain health and more! 

    Fresh Filtered Water

    Get yourself a sound source of fresh, filtered water and stay hydrated while you research. Too much screen time can dry you out in more ways than one. Take a break every once in a while, take a sip and stay healthy! Put a couple of drops of supplement grade lemon essential oil in your water for flavor. Be sure your water is FLUORIDE FREE! We recommend the Berkey Water Filter.  

    Essential Oils

    Peppermint, lavender, frankinsense and lemon are our favs to calm, rejuvinate and balance! Make sure you use another 100% organic small batch brand. Use essential oils to awakening, rejuvenate and relax.

    EMF Protections

    This includes cell phone guards, router guards, SMART meter guards, Blue Tube headphones (Note this is BLUE TUBE not Blue Tooth) and more. Get these products from legitimate sources like Gia Wellness to protect yourself from the harmful, cancer-causing rays of EMF radiation. Shungite stone also deflects EMFS. Above all, STAY AWAY FROM 5G!

    Lu.x Screen Fader

    Shields you from harmful blue light that may affect sleep. Free app for your comp and phone. Does not shied from EMF

    Stand Desk

    ‘Cuz “sitting is the new smoking.”

    The Earth and Your Two Bare Feet

    Take off shoes, stand on the earth, ground and recharge! Repeat at least once an hour for five minutes. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to put your cell away and breathe while you do this, too!

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