“…From a paradigm that enslaves to a paradise that liberates.”

– Tiffany Fitzhenry

 So What is Awakening Exactly? 

To put it simply, it is the process of WAKING UP to a different way of seeing your life and the world around you. It usually comes about through some kind of crisis, shock, disruption or experience that could be perceived as traumatic, although it doesn’t have to come about this way. Whatever the “catalyst,” the end result is that the normal patterns of your life are disrupted and you have taken notice. You have “awakened” to the fact that, for whatever reason, you are now living in a slightly new reality mainly because you perceive your own reality around you and within you differently.

Awakening is a unique experience, but can sometimes look like: 

#1 Having your eye’s widened about what is really going on in your own life and on the planet right now and historically.

#2 Questions (that won’t go away) as to what authority figures, such as mainstream media, doctors, politicians, or just the “status quo” in general, say about reality.

#3 Feeling intense emotions that initially may feel like sadness, grief, anger or confusion and, late on, may even turn to joy or bliss! Sometimes these seemingly conflicting emotions may occur all at the same time.

#4 Having memories about events that you haven’t thought about in a long time bubble up to the surface of your consciousness. Note: For many individuals, these things come up to be healed even though a person may not be aware of it at the time.

#5 A general sense that there is “something more” to your life than what you can see, hear, touch and experience with your physical body and that this “something more” has to do with your own (amazing) potential as a human being and as a spiritual being. This is sometimes accompanied by a deep desire to connect with a source of Love and inspiration that is larger than yourself (sometimes called The Divine or God) as well as a desire to re-connect with a particuar spiritual tradition of your past in a new way or discover a new spiritual path that feels good to you. 

#6 Having a deeper connection to your intuitive sense (i.e. your “gut feeling”) about things in your life and the world (note: this “gut feeling” can often be in direct conflict with what others, authority figures or your own mind is telling you about the situation).

#7 Experiencing a deeper spiritual connection to the Earth, to life, others and yourself. This connection may spring up as just a feeling that seems to “come out of nowhere” and may be accompanied by feelings of deep gratitude, appreciation and joy (that may also arise unexpectantly) as well as a desire to reconnect with a spiritual tradition of your past or deepen your spiritual life in general in a new way. This process is sometimes called “heart opening” and is a good sign that you are shifting your frequency to be more in alignment with your Higher Self and with cosmic energies coming into the Earth right now.

#8 Experiencing extra-sensory perception (such as clairvoyance or clairaudience), jumping timelines and being more empathic in general.

#9 Being more sensitive to collective thoughts, feelings and “energies” as well as more sensitive to foods and other inputs such as EMFs coming off of cell phones and wifi.

#10 Having very intense dreams or daydreams accompanied by a sense that they do have some kind of deep meaning for you.

#11 Having a deep sense that you are on the planet for a particular reason or “mission” (whether you know what that reason is specifically or not) at this particular time in history right now. 

What is #thegreatawakening? 

The Great Awakening is a term that was coined over the last few years, basically since Q came on the scene. It is mainly concerned with #1 – #5 above that is happening on a mass scale. For many, #thegreatawakening has come about through learning about QANON and reading the communications that this team has put out over the last almost three years. For many, perhaps even for you, learning about Q has been the “shocking event” that has unsettled the routine patterns in your life and has caused you to question everything you thought you knew about how the world works and your part in it.

There are many interpretations of what #thegreatawakening is and what it will become going forward. At Q101, we see it has the beginning stages of a potentially deeper dive into the true nature of reality and of the amazing potential each human has within us. We believe that this is a time of great change and opportunity that will not last forever. It is a rare moment where each one of us can decide to do our part to make the world a better place.
The Q information presents a great opportunity in a rare moment in our collective history because it allows us to learn about what has been really going on with the structures of world power at a point in time when those powers are crumbling. It is important that we learn the truth about how things “use to be” so that we never allow them to happen again.

Think about it this way: there is a reason why “those who may try to stop us from achieving our full potential” have gone to such great lengths to make sure we continue to live in a state of slavery without us even knowing it for so long. Could it be that they have known something about our true potential that we ourselves are just beginning to wake up to?

If #thegreatawakening had a motto, it would be “The Truth Shall Set You Free.” #thegreatawakening is a great starting point to awakening for many (although, of course, not for all). Q discloses the true, blunt nature of reality on our planet up until this point while at the same time encouraging us to become balanced in our thinking and in our emotions. “Use logic” is a common recommendation in many Q posts. This is a call to balanced energy and to doing the work that will free ourselves from mind-control programming which have used “emotional hooks” to keep us reactionary, triggered and in fear.

All that is changing now, however, as more and more people question and more and more people make the commitment within themselves to be free. The numbers of people “awakening” will only grow as this amazing decade continues.

Your Awakening is Connected to the Mass Awakening.

Awakening, of course, is a unique journey that people have been going through for just about ever. The difference about what is happening now on our planet is that awakening is happening on a MASSIVE SCALE. According to many people, our individual experience of “awakening” is also connected to changes that are happening on a planetary and even cosmic level.

To understand this, first consider that EVERYTHING IS MADE UP OF ENERGY. Energy can also be called Life Force, Love, Light, The Divine or God. It can be measured to a certain extent by what we can call “Frequency.”

Take a look around you right now. No matter where you are– in your living room, outside, in your car– all that you see is made up of energy and everything has a particular frequency (that can be measured with the right equipment).

Our planet is made up of energy and carries a certain frequency as well (which is sometimes called the Shuman Resonance). What about the entire Universe? You got it: it too is made up of energy and carries a frequency.

What about that thought you just had? That emotion? Yep, those are made up of energy and frequency too. You are starting to get the idea…

Here is the real kicker: pretty much all the major prophecies of all the major spiritual traditions on earth talk about THIS TIME RIGHT NOW as a special time where humanity will go through major changes in how we perceive reality. It will be (and clearly is) a time like no other where we go through massive changes in our own lives and also how we structure society as a whole.

Is it the end of the world then? No even! On the contrary, it is just the beginning of something new and quite wonderful. If you are living on earth right now and especially if you are reading this, it means you, to coin a phrase, “signed up for the gig” because you have an important service to perform in the world right now.

You Are Not Going Crazy…Just Waking Up!

The changes that are occurring in your life right now with your thinking, with your emotions, and perhaps even on a physical level do not mean that you are going “crazy.” On the contrary, it simply means that you are growing into a new version of you that can handle the influx of higher-intensity energy coming through the planet right now in waves. It is your soul helping you to “wake up” so that you can be the very best, heart-centered version of you that you can be and so that you can complete the “mission” that you said you would complete before you came down here on earth this time.
You can try to fight the changes that are happening right now to you and to the planet. That is certainly a choice that is available to you. But you cannot prevent it from happening.

Will you go with the flow of your own evolution to see what may be waiting for you?

“The choice known is yours.” -Q

Do you want to learn more? 

Here are some resources that may be useful right now:

Part III of a recent series by David Wilcock that addresses the current Corona Virus “pandemic” and places it within an “awakening” context.

A great talk from energy worker Lee Harris’ (April 2020 Energy Message) that explains what may be going on for you on an energetic level and some practical things you can do right now to “go with the flow.”

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